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Joan McGovern

Following a 30-year career in the financial services industry, I am currently working at a Long Island retreat center. My calling consists of being a companion with retreatants as they discern God's message through spiritual direction or creating/presenting days of prayer and directed retreats. With a focus of supporting the relationship between retreatants and God topics consist of career transition, bereavement, and discernment. During the past five years I have been supporting candidates in the Contemplative Leaders in Action and Charis programs. The last two years God has invited me to pursue a Master's degree in Theology, at St. Joseph's College and Seminary.

East Meadow NY 11554

Director, Mission. Advancement

Speaking engagements
Ignatian Spirituality/Prayer
The Spiritual Exercises
The Examen

A series of talks
Day of reflection/prayer
Preached retreat
Young Adults
Limited distance travel
Travel occasionally
Weekends only

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Meeting Christ in Prayer - 8 weeks series

Participants are introduced to a variety of prayer formats that invite them to deepen their relationship with God and others.  Sessions consist of reflective prayer, sacred sharing and guided meditation.

Type: A series of talks
Meeting God Through Our Senses

Rediscover through each of your senses, the unique gift of love God has given you.  Participants connect with God through Scripture passages using each of their senses.

Type: Talk/presentation
Oh My Soul

What value do you place on your soul?  The frequency of distractions can easily shift our focus to things of this world...how do we resist the separation?  Journey with the prophet David, in Psalm 103, as he speaks to his soul.  Through Psalm reflection, prayer, and sacred sharing deepen the relationship with your soul and realize you are never alone.

Type: Talk/presentation
Workplace Spirituality

Where are you focused in your life?  How do you define yourself?  Find space within your career for the punctuated moments of transcendence that represent serving God.  Discover ways of recognizing God's gentle whisper throughout your day which enables you to bridge the gap of faith, beyond work/life balance struggles into triumphs of sharing your God-given talents.

Type: Talk/presentation
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